Hotel Location

The hotel is located at the landmark area of “Epta Vagies” (7 Palms), in the non-touristy part of the city, but at the same time within walking distance from the important sites,like the Medieval City of Rhodes (Old Town), the Acropolis of Rhodes, the Rodini Park and the new marina. It lies at the edge of one of the classic Rhodian neighborhoods (marasia), and it, therefore, comprises an ideal choice for those who want to experience the authentic.

Supermarkets and corner shops, bakeries and pastry shops, traditional restaurants, fast foods and coffee shops, beauty and hair salons, banks, pharmacies and doctors, as well as any kind of commercial store, are there for one to mix with the locals and get the essence of the daily island life.

Regarding transportation, there is a taxi station and 3 bus stops only some meters away from the hotel. All this information is included, in detail, in a leaflet that is being distributed to the hotel guests free of charge.

In antiquity, the palm tree or laurel of Apollo was seen at all insular sanctuaries of the God, in  the Mediterranean Sea


The Medieval City of Rhodes

The Medival City of Rhodes lies about 800m away from 7Palms Hotel Apartments. One can choose to walk  to St John’s Gate  through the traditional settlement of Agia Anastasia and then along the  national stadium of the City or via the “main street” that leads to the Catholic church of St Francisco and to the St Athanasios’ Gate of the ” Old Town”… as the locals call it. Regardless of which way you choose, this is a pleasant and safe walk, to one of the most well kept and “alive” medieval cities of the world.

Α world heritage monument with an outstanding universal value according to UNESCO.

The Acropolis of Rhodes & Ancient Stadium

Dating back to 200-300 BC, the Acropolis of Rhodes was never fortified; the temples and sanctuaries, the stadium and the Odeion, the public buildings and the Stoa together with their surroundings offer a unique journey into time. Located on the top of St Stefanos Hill, it lies about 1.300m away from the hotel, and you can walk there through modern and traditional neighborhoods. The magnificent sunset view from the Temple of Apollo is something you cannot afford to miss;  alone or with your partner,  with friends or family, the beauty of nature and the unique setting make this a memorable experience!

The Rodini Park

Rodini Park is located Only 600m away from 7 Palms Hotel Apartments, you can have the privilege to wander around one of the oldest parks in the world! A wonderful escape into the majesty of the local…wild nature and history! There is historical reference of the park, as the location of Aescines’ school of rhetoric and later of Apollonius the Effeminate !!! Walking along running waters and ponds, under the shade of enormous trees and among wildflowers you can admire evidence from the local history since antiquity!

  • The ancient underwater tunnels, that supplied and distributed water to the city of Rhodes, through a network designed by Hippodamus and dated around the same time with the foundation of the city itself (408 BC).
  • The Holy Nymphea
  • the ancient necropolis -or the tombs of the Ptolemy, as the locals call it-, carved in the rocks
  • Park benches, little wooden bridges, playgrounds and other recreational areas of different historic period

…will ensure that your relaxing walk within this idyllic landscape, will also be of great interest!!

New Rhodes Marina

The new marina is located close to the main port, at an area within the old industrial district of the city, only 1000m away from 7 Palms Hotel Apartments !!!

Its modern infrastructure is ideal for those who want to enjoy a walk by the sea and combine it with a coffee break, a gourmet dinner, an informal meal or even shopping!!!

Local Producers’ Open Market

Visit the vibrant local open market to discover the real tastes of the island!!!

  • Fresh Fruits and vegetables produced in different pert of the island

  • Olives, Fresh Eggs and Local cheese

  • Pine tree or thyme Honey

  • Traditional wood oven bread

  • Fresh Fish

  • Herbs and natural sea salt from the most unspoiled areas of Rhodes

 …will inspire you to create a … tasteful memory at your fully equipped kitchen, in 7 Palms Hotel apartments, a few hundred meters away!!!